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Newborn & baby Portraits ideas

Best Newborn & Baby Portraits ideas, Tips, Lens, Settings

Undoubtedly babies make the best subjects for photographs. With their cute expressions and pure innocence, they are sure to melt anyone’s heart no matter how stoic they seem to be. And so in the last few years, newborn portraiture or baby portraits have taken over the world by storm.

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Gifts for Filmmakers and film students
Film Making

50 Best gifts for filmmakers and Film Students

Getting a gift for a filmmaker or a film student can be a challenging task, especially if you want to give him something related to film gifts. This can get problematic if you know nothing about filmmaking and its nuances. But you do not have to worry anymore. We have got you covered as we present to you the 50 best gifts for filmmakers and film students

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Newborn Photography Lighting and Studio Setup For Beginners

Are you a beginner in photography and want to know more about the newborn photography lighting setup? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place. You might face problems while capturing pictures in daylight due to shadows, or you might not know how to capture unique portraits in low-light. So in this guide, you will learn about the solutions to these problems and get a know-how of newborn lighting setups that beginners can easily use.

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Best Camera Bag Purse for Women in 2020

Why is it so hard to find a camera bag purse for women that are both stylish and efficient?
This is a common pet-peeve for most of the professional and passionate photographers today

This article will help you find the best camera bag purse for women that are cost effective, stylish, and functional.

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Best Lens for Newborn Photography – Reviewed 2021

The most important thing while purchasing the best lenses for baby photography is to ensure that it has very good low light capabilities. A flash camera or a loud shutter will immediately disturb the new born’s slumber state. Newborn babies do not appreciate harsh lights flashed in their faces, the shoot can turn in to a tantrum quickly.

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People love to take portraits. That’s why we even have Portrait Modes in Phones these days.
So, How can we stand out as a portrait photographer in this noisy mess?
What is the True Meaning of a portrait in photography?
What Is Portrait Photography – What Does It Really Mean?

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