Gifts for Filmmakers and film students

50 Best gifts for filmmakers and Film Students

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Getting a gift for a filmmaker or a film student can be a challenging task, especially if you want to give him something related to film gifts. This can get problematic if you know nothing about filmmaking and its nuances. But you do not have to worry anymore. We have got you covered as we present to you the 50 best gifts for filmmakers and film students.

best gifts for Filmmakers and film students
Best Gifts for Filmmakers

All these gifts are in one way or the other related to filmmaking and we have chosen them based on their utility, price, functions, and practicality. So, in no particular order, let’s begin our list.

1. Director’s mug: Best Gift for Directors

Because every film student aspires to be a filmmaker so a director’s mug with an inspiring quote printed on both sides would be perfect and is easily on the best gifts for directors, It can be used for both tea or coffee and you can have it at a very reasonable price.

2. A writing journal :One of Best Gifts for Screenwriters

A journal is a part and parcel of every film student’s paraphernalia. This hard-cover, wire-bound journal with a movie-themed image on the front would be ideal gift for screenwriters. It has 200 pages and what is best is that it is made of recycled material.

3. Production Grade Camera Rig Setup : One of Best Gifts for Cinematographer

To Best Gift an aspiring filmmakers , you have just go to have a DSLR Camera rig Setup. So it can be another Exciting and one of the most thoughtful gifts for filmmakers. It will surely help his desire to be a great filmmaker one day.

4. A pillowcase

With the quintessential director words of lights, camera, action inscribed on it, with a movie camera this 18×18 pillow cover case is just what an aspiring filmmaker wants. It can be used on a chair, sofa, couch, bed, or even in the car.

5. Filmmaker Pendant

We love this trinket for its vintage value and the silver sterling material. The beautifully-detailed classic movie camera pendant looks beautiful encased in a silver chain necklace. It will woo any film student.

6. Film-themed keychain

A keychain is a commonly used item and this one has ‘I speak fluent movie quotes’ inscribed on it. Made of stainless steel it is packed in a small jewellery bag that enhances its value as a gift for movie lover.

7. A director’s chair : Gift for Aspiring Filmmakers

One of the Best Gifts for director is a director’s chair and he will feel elevated already. This one is foldable for easy portability and storage. Made with wood with a canvas seat, it is a very good option for a gift. It is available at 

8. Movie camera lamp : Gift for Movie Lover

This beautiful movie camera-shaped lamp is a perfect gift for movie lover or film student. We just had to include it in our list of the best 50 gifts for filmmakers. The tripod stand is adjustable and you can put it anywhere you like.

 9. Neewer Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera 2-in-1 Tripod Monopod : Must Have Gift for Cinematographers

A tripod is a must-have accessory for any cinematographer or an aspiring filmmaker. This one by Newer is compatible with 28 different cameras, camcorders, and DSLRs. Its lightweight, adjustable, and easily portable.

10. A shoulder rig

Equally important like a tripod is a shoulder rig. They are used to produce stable recordings and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This particular one by the ephotonic RL01 model is easily adjustable to suit different movie shoots and angles. It’s compact and easy to carry with rubber grips for easy handling and is a perfect gifts for cinematographers.

11. Budget Gift for Film Maker: Glidecam

Glidecams also help to make your movie recordings smooth, they are less popular than tripods or a shoulder rig but equally important. This one by Sutefoto supports all the major action and digital cameras. It is reasonably priced and is perfect for both high-level and low-level shooting. You can buy it at 

 12. Electronic drawing tablet for Editing and Photoshop

A film student would need one to draw anything whenever he feels inspired by anything. That is why we included it in our list of the 50 best gifts for aspiring filmmakers and . We choose Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet. Its compact comes with wireless connectivity, has its software, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. See it here at  

 13. One of the Best books on Direction and filmmaking : How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player

There are a huge number of books written on the subjects of filmmaking. We have chosen Rebel without a crew by Robert Rodriquez. It is an incredible book that tells how Robert made his debut film on a tight budget with little or no support.

 14. Final Draft 11: Best Gift for Screenwriters and Directors.

It is screenwriting software that everyone should consider if they want to write professionally. It is an ideal gift for a screenwriters as he will be writing one sooner or later. The final draft is widely used in the industry and is recommended by pros.

15. A GoPro camera: Expensive Gift for Cinematographers

It is a very good option to use for filmmaking before you graduate to bigger and professional cameras and an expensive and one of the best gifts for filmmakers and Cinematographers . We pick GoPro Hero9 black. It supports 5K, has a 20MP lens, a large rear touchscreen, a live streaming option, and HyperSmooth 3.0. for slow mo footage You can buy it 

16. Best Gift for Video Editors : Sennheiser HD 650

We recommend Sennheiser HD 650 as it brings out a very crisp and clear sound. It will be great gift for a videoeditor who would use it for sound editing. This particular model has an improved frequency response of 10 39,500 Hertz (10 dB).

17.  Robotime 3D wooden projector puzzle

How about keeping your movie lover friend busy with this 3D wooden puzzle by Robotime? it is made of 193 wooden pieces made by laser cut. What is cooler is that it works too. No batteries are needed as the power is supplied by the hand generator and is a perfect gift for movie lovers in general.

18. Wall coat hooks

These wall coat hooks are shaped like a vintage movie camera, a film reel, and a clapboard. They are easy to install or remove because of the keyhole cutout or sawtooth hook bar given at the back. Sold as a pack of three.

 19. Best Gifts for Aspiring Filmmakers :Portable Voice Recorder :

Portable Voice Recorder is a must have item for a filmmaker . Zoom H1 Offer Best Quality vs Price. Gift The ultra-compact H1 is small enough to be kept into your pocket, yet it delivers high quality sound . It”s perfect for capturing song ideas, dubbing and recording Foley ( Sync Sound) and Documentaries.

20. Cinema-themed canvas art : Gift for Movie Lover

 This three panels canvas art is beautiful and of high quality. The size is 36″ x 24″ x 3. The printed canvas has been stretched to spread on durable frames. You can buy it at 

 21. Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera : invaluable Gift for Cinematographers

With Christmas around the corner, you can gift this Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Which is Perfect for any Film Student. which gives hollywood level Quality Video Which is invaluable to any cinematographer.

 22. Vintage searchlight shaped floor lamp for movie lovers

 This floor lamp by Decoluce is made of wood and is fully adjustable. You can adjust the height and the direction of the light as you like. Shaped like a vintage searchlight it would find favor with your filmmaker friend.

 23. Must Have Gift for Directors : Director’s cap

 This beautiful two-tone cap by e4Hats.com has the word DIRECTOR embroidered on it. The back has a buckle closure mechanism and it is available in different colors.

 24. Top 100 Must Watch Movies List – scratch off Bucketlist Poster

 Next on our list of the best 50 gifts for filmmakers is this movie poster by Enno Vatti. It has 100 original movie illustrations of some of the best-loved movies of all time. You have to scratch one to reveal it. You can scratch as many as you like. It will keep your friend busy and happy.

25. Haoshunda Horror movies oil painting

 Who doesn’t love horror movies? Even if your movie lover friend doesn’t like them he would have at least one favourite horror movie like everyone else. This oil painting on canvas depicts all the famous horror movie villains in their gory. The size is 12×18 and it comes with a wooden frame.

 26. Gift A Masterclass on Film Making: by Martin Scorsese

 One of the Must Watch masterclass for Every Film Student. Taught by the Legendary Director Martin Scorsese Himself and is a perfect gift for aspiring filmmakers and film directors.

 27. Smartphone Filmmaking Rig: One Best Budget Gifts for Cinematographers

 Everyone has a Camera these days, they ‘ve become so powerful these days you can use it to even shoot a feature length film. having the right tools for the film making makes our life a lot easier and Smartphone Filmmaking Rig is one such thing.

 28. Handheld Video Stabilizer: a Budget Gift for Cinematographer: DJI Osmo Mobile

 DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer Vlog Youtuber Live Video for iPhone Android is one of the must have item for film students and professional FilmMakers as well. It can Evenly Smooth out or reduce jitter in the Footage giving a Cinematic look to even your Smartphone Footage.

 29.  Camera Carrying Sling Bag for Filmmakers

 A camera carrying sling or crossbody camera bag; perfect for any photography enthusiast or film student. There are many such useful bags we chose this bag for its simplicity and easy to carry nature.

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 30. Movie themed blanket for movie lovers

 This reversible 40”x50” is good enough to keep your friend warm during cold movie nights. It has a movie camera, film strip, and projector reels printed on the flannel fleece on one side and a very soft white polyester sherpa lining on the other side. You can buy this gift for movie lover at Amazon

 31. Gift Oscar Nomiated Short film Collection for filmmakers

One of the Best way an aspiring Film Maker can Learn is by watching others Best work and whats a better work than Oscar Nominated Short Films . Gift these Collection to the film students pursuing their careers in screenwriting, cinematographers and film makers in general and they will definitely love these collection

 32. Pulp fiction vinyl records clock:

 A wall clock based on the cult-classic movie, pulp fiction. It’s cut out like a broken vinyl record with its popular movie characters shown on it. The colour is black and white and the quality is very good. A very nice gift indeed for your movie lover friend.

 33. Cinephile: A card game for movie lovers

 This card game is both fun and addictive. It is just the right gift for any film geek, especially a film student. You can choose the difficulty level based on your interest in movies. Anybody can be entertained playing this game.

 34. A-Z Great Film Directors Paperback: Gift for directors

 This visually appealing reference book is inspiring as well as informative. It features 52 ace film directors from around the world. Written by Andy Tuohy, it will grab the attention of your film student friend.

 35. The Newyork Times Book of Movies :The Essential 1,000 Films to See Hardcover:

 This is a must-have gift for any movie lover. It is a unique treatise of loved classics as well as modern cinema. The book is conveniently divided into categories for easy referencing.

 36. Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer Ring-bound

Keep the ticket stubs from your movie nights in an organized manner with this ticket stub organizer. It has 20 high-clarity, archival, acid-free plastic pages with lined paper inserts on which you can record your special notes and memories. Your film student friend would love it as we reckon he would be an avid movie-goer.

37. Endless Games Horror Trivia Card Game

Another card game lands in our list of the best 50 gifts for movie lovers in general. This one is themed around horror movies, which horror movie fans will love. It is easy to understand and can be played individually or in duos. 

 38. Laptop: Best Gift For Video Editors

 A laptop is an indispensable learning accessory for every student. A film student is no exception. He would especially love one with a strong emphasis on graphics. The 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor, the Acer Predator Helios 300 would be perfect for him. It has the GTX 1660 Ti GTX 1660 Ti that has 6 GB GDDR6 VRAM. This is a full HD laptop with IPS displays and LED-backlit widescreen. it is the most crucial and The best and most useful gift for video editors.

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 39. Portable external Hard disk : Gift For Movie Makers

 While we are on technology, let’s not forget external memory drives. A movie maker would need more and more memory as he would be making films on a continual and experimental basis. We have picked Portable 2TB External Hard Drive by Seagate for this purpose. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It is a simple plug and play device with a one-year limited warranty and data rescue and recovery service.

 40. Drone: Must Have For Cinematographers

Drones have become an indispensable part of video recordings. It’s about time your film student friend gets one because he will use them in near future, regardless. We have chosen Snaptain S5C drone. It has a 720P HD camera, wide-angle live video option, voice control, one-button takeoff/landing, and a whole lot of useful functions and is easily the one of the best gifts for film students

You can Check the Best Drone for Film Makers Collection at B&H Photo Video

 41. Plastic movie projector music box

 This music box in the shape of a movie projector plays out the classic tune “Elise”. It also has a small drawer in it that you can use to store trinkets and a mirror encased on the backside of the drawer’s door.  

 42. Jurassic park themed wall clock gift for movie lovers

 This wall clock is also a beautiful wall hanging in its own right. Besides a clock, it also has a backlit LED that is powered electronically via a power charger plug. You can buy it at 

 43. Movie-inspired charm bracelet

 This beautiful charm bracelet is made of stainless steel and features movie-themed inspired pendants. They can be customized as well. You can buy it at 

 44. Vinyl wall art decal

 This vinyl wall art decal comprises the word Hollywood made after just like the original one on the Hollywood hills. The vinyl letters have a peel-off adhesive which is of good quality and you can stick them anywhere you like.

 45. Star Wars classic drapery / curtain

 This drapery consists of 4 panels that include two panels and two tie-backs. It is easy to hang, washable polyester fabric and it has Star Wars characters printed on them. It’s colorful and cool.  

 46. Antique wooden camera:

 This wooden model is a replica of vintage movie cameras. It would add to the décor of your room. You can put it on the floor or a pedestal. Any film buff would love to own one. Get it now at 

 47. Movie reel clock:

 Another clock finds a place on our list. This one is unique as it is made of actual, recycled movie reels. It is simple and stylish. Its diameter is 12” and it runs on just 1 AA battery.

 48.  VIP Door Cover: Party accessory for Film Makers

 Use it on the front of your door or spread it on the floor. It has small stars and a big star with VIP emblazoned on it. Your film student would love it for all its star value.

 49. Grey Chart and Color Check : Best gift for indie filmmakers

Grey chart and Color Checkers are used for Calibration of Cameras and Best used by the Cinematographers. and the Film Makers 

This will help your indie filmmaker friend to shoot high quality images with the equipment he already has

 50. The filmmaker’s handbook: One of the Best Film Direction Books

 Finally, in the last, we have included The filmmaker’s handbook. We believe our list of the best 50 gifts for film makers is incomplete without this film direction book. This book has every aspect of filmmaking covered in great detail. It has everything for anyone who wants to learn something related to the craft of filmmaking. No wonder it continues to be reprinted.


 So this was our list of some of the choicest gifts that you can get for your film student friends. We hope this would have given you new and innovative gift ideas. Enjoy shopping for your loved ones

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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