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Best Camera for Beginners in 2020 – Complete List for Every Need

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Now that it is time to take your photography to the next level, you will need to upgrade from your smartphone to a quality camera. However, finding the best camera for beginners can seem like quite the task at first. You need to first decide on what type of photography you will be doing.

This Article will help you decide whether you need the best vlogging camera, or one for product photography, outdoor shooting, and so on.

Things to consider while looking for the best camera for beginners

What are the things that you must consider while shopping for the best camera for visitors? Let us go ahead and check those out.


While shopping for a camera for beginners, your budget must be among the first things you decide. Do not splurge everything you have just yet- have a decent budget that allows you to get the most important features and leaves you some room for an upgrade as your skills develop.


The more the megapixels, the sharper and higher-quality will the image be. The larger the print you need- the greater will the MP count be. For instance, with a 20MP camera, you can get 12×18 prints at the super-high quality.


The ISO setting is what allows you to capture photos at a range of lighting conditions. A higher ISO setting allows for low-light photography without using a flash. If you plan to go for a night or low-light shoot, look for a camera with a high ISO range.


Autofocus is of great use, especially for beginners who are still learning how to control a camera. Check how precise and quick the autofocus is.

Camera Ergonomics

How light and portable a camera do you need? If you frequently travel or go for outdoor shots, then camera ergonomics- weight, form factor, positioning of buttons, etc are all important considerations.

With all this, you have a good start on the things to check as you go on to find the best camera for beginners. We have compiled a list of the best cameras across various applications and uses- from the top

budget pick to the best camera for outdoor use, low-light, and wedding photography among many others. Let us get right into it and see what are the best ones for you to choose from.

Best Overall for Beginners: Nikon D5600

Best camera for beginners Nikon D5600
source wikimedia
  • APS-C Sensor with F(DX) Lens Mount
  • 24.2 Megapixels
  • 3.2-inch touchscreen
  • 1080p video resolution

The D5600 is the best camera for beginners with a host of features. It has 24.2 megapixels and allows for Full HD 1080P video recording at 60 fps. The camera has Nikon’s F lens mount and comes with a host of features including auto scene modes and manual control on the exposure. The sensitivity range on this camera is ISO 100-25600, allowing you to capture great photos across various lighting conditions.

You can use this camera to create time-lapse videos as well. The processor and sensor together allow for continuous shooting up till 5 fps. Along with the camera, you also get a quick charger, 32GB memory card, and several other accessories.


  • Ideal for photography across various lighting conditions
  • Multiple automatic modes and manual control
  • Essentials and accessories included in the bundle
  • Supports burst mode and time-lapse


  • Does not support 4k, only 1080p recording
  • Expensive compared to other cameras

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Best Beginner Camera for Sports Photography: Canon T6i EOS Rebel


  • CMOS APS-C Sensor
  • 24.2 Megapixels resolution
  • Canon EF-S Mount
  • 1080p full HD recording supported

The best camera for beginners looking to get into sports photography is Canon’s T6i EOS Rebel. With 24.2MP and CMOS-APS-C sensor, this is among the most capable cameras with great results in the auto-focus mode. It has an articulated touchscreen to make modifying settings easy. The camera supports continuous shooting at 5fps.

NFC and Wi-Fi are built-in making it easy to share photographs directly through the camera.

It has an ISO range that goes from 100 to 12,800, ensuring that you get great results in any lighting conditions. The camera’s 19-point Af system provides focus even during fast movement- thus making it a good choice for those starting with sports photography.


  • Excellent results in any lighting conditions
  • 19-point auto-focus suited for fast-moving objects
  • Touchscreen to easily modify settings
  • NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities


  • Buffer in RAW is small
  • Kit lens not the best in the range

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Best Value for Money: Nikon D3500

Best camera for beginners Nikon D3500
source WIkimedia


  • Sensor with APS-C CMOS
  • 24 megapixels
  • 35mm DX Lens F1.8
  • Max Video Resolution of 1080p

For those looking for the best camera for vlogging without shelling out a premium, Nikon’s D3500 is an excellent choice. This compact DSLR provides a 24-megapixel resolution with 1080p video recording. It comes with a 35mm F1.8 lens and uses the CMOS APS-C sensor. It is also the easiest camera to use. Even if you have never used a DSLR before, you can easily make the most of the D3500.

it comes with a Guide Mode that recognizes the type of scene you are capturing and helps you learn the basics like the aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc.


  • Compact form factor
  • Easy to use and learn photography with
  • Affordable
  • 1550 shots on a full charge


  • Limited to only 11 autofocus points
  • Does not support charging using USB

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Best Beginner Camera for Wedding Photography: Nikon D7500

Best camera for Wedding Photography
Nikon D7500


  • 20.9MP APS-C Sensor
  • 20.9 Megapixels resolution
  • Nikon-F mount lens with AF contacts
  • 4k video recording supported

The Nikon D7500 is the best camera for filming and photography at weddings for those who are just starting. With 15 cross-type sensors and 51 focus points, this is one of the most powerful cameras in this range. It has an ISO range that can be expanded from 50 to 1640000. A fully tilting touchscreen lets you change settings with ease.

The D7500 produces great results even in low light conditions, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings. It also supports 4k video recording.


  • Supports 4k video recording
  • Ideal for low light photography
  • Multiple auto-focus options
  • Fully tilting touchscreen to change settings as required


  • No image stabilization
  • Focal range smaller than full range cameras

Best Beginner Camera for Wildlife Photography: Canon EOS 1300D

Best Beginner Camera for Wildlife Photogrraphy Canon Eos 1300D


  • 18MP CMOS APS-C Sensor
  • Canon EF-S mount
  • 1080p video recording

With an 18-megapixel optical resolution sensor and 3FPS speed during continuous shooting, the Canon 1300D is the choice for entry-level wildlife photographers. The camera comes with a 3.1x optical zoom and supports 1080p full-HD video recording. The ISO range can go from 100 to 12,800 allowing for good photography across different lighting conditions.

The 1300D uses an optical viewfinder. It is also equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity. It also has Optical Image Stabilization for sharper results in handheld shots.


  • Suitable for various lighting conditions
  • APS-C  sensor with 18 MP provides great shots
  • NFC and Wi-FI equipped
  • Bundle includes all required accessories


  • No 4k video recording
  • No touchscreen display

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Best Beginner Camera for Video Recording:  Pentax K-70

Pentax k-70
Source Wikimedia


  • APS-C AA filterless sensor with CMOS
  • 24.24 megapixels
  • Pentax K-70 mounted lens
  • 1080p full HD recording

The Pentax K-70 comes across as one of the best cameras for beginners who want excellent video recording capabilities. This durable DSLR supports 1080p full-HD video recording and can shoot RAW at 6fps.

It has an SR or Shake Reduction sensor that stabilizes photos and videos. An additional Pixel Shift Resolution feature provides sharper recordings at night. The night vision setting on this camera allows you to easily focus on the object even in low-light conditions.

You do not need any additional accessories and get started with capturing great videos out-of-the-box.

For outdoor use, this camera has been designed to be dust, weather, and freeze-proof. From indoor to wild outdoor videos, there is little that you cannot do with the Pentax K-70.


  • SR sensor to stabilize photos and videos
  • Excellent night vision features
  • Durable construction
  • Provides high-quality video recordings


  • No support for 4k recordings

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Best Portable Camera for Beginners: Olympus Mark III E-M10

Best camera for beginners Olympus Mark III
Source Wikimedia


  • Micro Four Thirds Sensor and Lens Mount
  • 16.1 Megapixels
  • 3.0-inch screen
  • 4k Video Resolution

Despite being just 16 megapixels, the Olympus Mark III E-M10 is among the most powerful of portable cameras for a beginner. This comes with a retro yet functional design along with 4k video recording capabilities. It has a 3.0-inch screen as well. This camera uses an electronic viewfinder and comes with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount.

It has a 5-axis image stabilization that works with any compatible lens. Even though it is more expensive compared to a few entry-level DSLRs, the camera still captures quite the punch at the price.


  • Small and portable
  • Functional and durable design
  • High-resolution viewfinder
  • 4k recording capabilities


  • Only 16 megapixels
  • Expensive compared to other entry-level models

Best Beginner Camera for Macro Photography: Olympus TG-6


  • 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Image Processor: TruePic VIII
  • Telephoto and Wide-Angle Lens
  • 4k video recording at 30fps, 1080p at 120 fps

The Olympus TG-6 camera is ideal for the adventure user and for macro-photography. This durable camera can capture broad-range shots across various conditions since it is dustproof, waterproof, shock, and freeze-proof.

The Variable Macro System in the TG-6 makes it the perfect choice for true macro photography.

It is equipped with a wide-angle and telephoto lens. The 12MP camera also has 4k30 video recording. It is compact and lightweight as well. For beginners, the array of automatic controls make it easy to use and capture.


  • Variable Macro System
  • 4k video recording
  • Tough and robust design
  • Compact and portable


  • Fewer manual controls
  • 12 MP resolution could be higher

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Best Beginner Camera for Low-Light Photography: Pentax K-3II

Best Beginner Camera For Low-Light Photography: Pentax K-3II
Source WIkimedia


  • CMOS Sensor, APS C sized
  • 24 megapixels
  • ISO Range from 100 to 51,200
  • Pixel Shift Resolution Technology

With an ISO range that goes from 100 to 51,200, the Pentax-K3II is the perfect choice for beginners who want to experiment with low-light photography.

This camera is also equipped with Pixel Shift Resolution technology allowing for excellence in color reproduction and detail. It captures 4 images in the same scene and combines them into a composite image to get the best result.

For Astrophotography, it also comes with Astro-tracing functionalities with compass functioning. This SLR has 27 autofocus sensors and 25 cross sensors to produce great results.


  • Pixel Shift Resolution for excellent photos
  • Built-in GPS
  • High ISO range for low-light conditions
  • 24MP resolution with CMOS sensor


  • Button arrangement on the camera is inconvenient
  • Focus defaults to center even when not needed

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Your first camera is going to be one of the most important investments that you make on your photography journey.

Remember You can only Fit Nikon Lens to a Nikon Camera and Canon Lens on Canon Camera

Take your time to choose the one that not only gives you great results- but also gives you the opportunity to learn about photography and the finer aspects as you use it.

The above 10 are some of the best camera for beginners in the market across various categories and brands. This should help you get an idea of what to expect and look at as you start your journey.

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "

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