Complete Event Photography Checklist 2021

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Event Photography Checklist

What is an event photography checklist?

An event photography checklist refers to the list of essentials that you must have to meet your clients’ requirements. 

There are no mandatory element into creating the perfect checklist, however, as a photographer, you would want to make sure that the photographer checklist is absolute so that you can provide 100% satisfaction to your clients and if you cannot due to any apparent reason make sure that you notify the same to your client on why you weren’t able to do so. 

Who is responsible for the event photography checklist?

During any corporate event, the photography checklist is often provided by the clients themselves. This is mostly applicable for product and advertisement photoshoots. However, suppose you come across an event where the client does not provide you with a photography checklist, as a professional photographer. In that case, you need to make sure that your client feels satisfied with your service. 

A photography checklist ensures what equipment you would require in an event and understand the event’s goals likewise. 

Factors to consider while making an event photography checklist

Before you make a checklist for the event, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What is the purpose of these photos?
  • Who is your audience for the photos you’ve clicked?

Apart from these questions, the need for event photos are as follows:

  • Sponsors want to observe the outcome of their investments.
  • Photos to be used in future marketing for the same event. 
  • Report recaps require photos which are clicked during the event. 
  • Media requires the photos for their promotions.
  • Audiences like to see photo recaps.
event photography checklist 2021

Event photography equipment checklist

The need for a zoom and wide-angle lens enables is mandatory for any corporate event. The need for such lenses in excellent during such event since you would need to shoot in various light sources. 

When you are clicking photos in a corporate event, the need for lightings, stands, reflectors and numerous flashes is also required. 

With the advancement of technology, drones and 360 degrees photos and videos are coming into the industry which lets photographer showcase their brands, experiences and work. Having these options at disposal would allow your clients peace of mind that they have hired the right photographer for their event. 

Whenever a video is to be shot, you need to make sure that proper drones and interview footages are shot due to the expansive nature of a corporate event. With the help of drone footage, the room, centrepiece of an event and the room setting are displayed appropriately. 

Event photography checklist

Keeping all the points mentioned earlier in mind, here are some of the basic things you need to include in your event photography checklist. 

  1. Details

Factors such as the branding need to be considered to click the appropriate photos related to the niche of the event. Some of the branded details are conveyed to sponsor shots or archival shots. No matter what the occasion is about, make sure that you click all sorts of photos so that the client doesn’t get a chance to complain that you missed any of the shoots. 

2. Sponsor shots

Various event usually has at least one corporate sponsor who has donated either money, services or sometimes both. It is a MUST that you should click a photo of the donation which they provided. It can be the sponsor banner or the services which they offered. 

3. Attending the VIP and special guests personally

VIPs would be attending any such corporate event, and their arrival and presence need to be considered in particular. Ask your client to provide you with the complete list of the VIP guests and be confident to point them out during the event. A few of the CEOs and VIPs can be identified easily during such an event; however, you need to keep an eye out for the rest of the VIP list members. Get a mixture of candid and portraits with the event branding or the client along with the VIPs. 

  1. Speakers

Make sure that you click photos of the speakers who are on stage presenting their speech. Take multiple images which include wide-angle, close up, etc. You can also click their photos when they are not on stage and ask them to pose for a solo shot. 

4. Venue photos

Huge bucks are spent in selecting the perfect venue for the event. As a photographer, you should capture both the interior and exterior of the venue. You can also try to focus on specific parts of the venue modified, especially for the event. Always remember to click a shot before the audience arrives and a shot during the event. Also, get a photo of the venue where the audiences are waiting in a long line to get inside. For the final clicks, get an image consisting of all the event staff before the event begins and also during the event. 

5. Satisfied audiences

Capture candid shots of the audiences during the event. Make sure that you click photos of the people who are interacting in various booths, sampling products and also ones who are enjoying the event with each other. Close up shots are also a great choice; however, make sure that you click wide-angle shots to get the event’s full size and scope. Choose a higher vantage point that will give you an upper hand in clicking the infamous “bird’s eye view” photos! 

You can also approach people personally and ask them to pose for photos. Event audiences feel quite happy when they are asked to pose during a group photo. 

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Event Photography Equipment Checklist

Some of the necessary equipment which is required during an event management are as follows:

  1. Camera and backup camera

The need to carry three cameras should be mandatory since the photographer can click with two cameras and keep one backup. However, bringing two would also do the job. It is necessary to carry a backup camera at a wedding if something goes wrong with the primary camera. No one knows what problems might occur out of nowhere during a wedding ceremony. So it is best to stay safe than being sorry.

We will be including the list of top 10 cameras for event photography from where you can make your selection and purchase the right product which would suit your need for any event without any hassle. 

1. Medium zoom lens

The need for a medium zoom lens and the default lens on a camera is mandatory. This would ensure that the correct focal length is maintained during the perfect portraits offering both wide and tight perspectives. The wide aperture provides that there is flexibility even in dimly lit areas. 

Some of the best medium zoom lens for event photography has been made on our website. You can check out and make sure that you do not stay left behind during any professional event photography requirement. These lenses come within a budget so it wouldn’t be tight on your expense in anyways. 

2. Wide-angle lens and prime lens

These lenses are not mandatory for a wedding, but it is always nice to carry one. The wide-angle lens would allow you to get shots of architectural details or for large groups without any need for significant adjustments. 

The prime lens would help you shooting in the dark and would eventually provide you with a dreamy depth of field during the whole event! 

You can check out our top 10 wide-angle lens for event photography and the best prime lenses for event photography to get an idea of which lenses are trending in the market.

3. Memory cards and batteries

Always carry multiple memory cards and batteries. The prominent storage required for event photography is around 40-50 GB of photos. Two sets of batteries would often do the job for the day. However, make sure that the batteries are fully charged up. 

4. Tripod and light stands

If you want more light and need a bit more stability, then a good tripod would do the job. It is also great for low light photography or if you are looking forward to composting pictures. 

The light stands would help you keep your speedlight in one place and allow you to make the necessary adjustments. 

5. Flash diffuser

This equipment is quite handy to be placed on top of the flash. This helps diffuse the light to allow much better portraits instantly when you have enough time to set up the lights. 

Some of the best flash diffusers for event photography have been discussed by us to make your purchase accordingly. 

6. Reflector

Last but not the least, you should have a reflector in your event photography checklist. A reflector and a flashgun work in the same way; however, it is always the best option to carry both of them. The need for an efficient reflector is a MUST if you are planning to shoot a big event. 

Wrapping it up!

Being a professional photographer, you must have a photography checklist prepared beforehand. It is essential since it ensures you are entitled to all sorts of photos without any confusion. 

If you feel like any more key points can be added regarding even photography checklist, let us know in the comments below! 

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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