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Complete Photoshoot production checklist 2021

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Whenever you start photography, professionalism is a crucial factor that needs to be always considered! 

Complete Photoshoot Production Checklist 2021

It is, however, quite challenging when you need to plan for all these photoshoot sessions. As you progress in your career, you will find that every shoot requires some fundamental preparations. If you are thinking about what you need to include in your photoshoot production checklist, this blog should help you. We will mention some of the necessities you need to have in your photo shoot production checklist

1.Check the proper functioning of your gear and pack backup gear.

Make sure that you have a list of all the gear which you require for your photoshoot. Always check that they are functioning correctly before the day of the shoot, multiple times. Also, pack back up equipment just in case some mishap occurs. Always carry extra batteries, memory card, lenses, tripod and even an additional camera. Have all of these equipment packed up in a big bag. 

2. Confirm the shoot location and time with your client before the shoot day.

Before the shoot day, confirm location, time and any other necessities with your client. If you are going to conduct an outdoor shoot, consider backup locations if the weather doesn’t persist. When your client tells you about an area of the shoot, review it online and make sure that it is suitable for doing a professional shoot. 

3. Prepare a shot list

Before the final shoot day, you need to create a  shot list that you will be covering in your shoot. The shots you are going to click are dependent on the type of photoshoot you will cover. These shots would be very different from the kind of gig you are photographing. 

During such a professional photoshoot, you would get a basic idea of who is photogenic and who doesn’t like to be photographed. You would also need to find the purpose of such pictures, such as, would they be uploaded on Instagram or are they going to be used for marketing purpose? Obviously, the photographs that are going to be uploaded on a company’s landing page are going to be very different from the one which would be framed! 

4. Make the necessary preparations and rehearse.

Once you have everything planned, take a few hours off from your busy schedule and check out the location. Consider the lighting and shadows before you visit the place for clicking photos of your client. 

If you have a shoot that is to be done outdoors, try visiting the place simultaneously as the shoot. Click a few test photos to get an idea about the lighting in the area. If you want to excel at such a shoot, then bring someone with you for test photos. If you are trying to get the right contrast and focus of a human face, then the same is a much difficult task compared to clicking pictures of trees and flowers. At the end of your practice shoot, you should be able to visualize what you need to do on the final day easily and have the mental confidence that you can click the BEST photos ever! 

Photoshoot Production Checklist 2021

Photoshoot production checklist: Necessary Photography Equipment

One of the most exciting aspects of photoshoot production is putting together various equipment to bring out the most beautiful photos. 

Some of the necessary equipment are as follows:


The camera is the centrepiece of your photoshoot production. The type of camera you choose is dependent on your budget, the genre of shooting and where the clicked photos would be showcased. You can either use a DSLR or a digital camera for such requirements. Whatever camera you choose, make sure that the picture is of high quality and crisp! 

Some of the best camera for a photoshoot production checklist is included in our website, so make sure that you check it out. 

2. Tripod:

This is a necessary item to bring out stable pictures and make them look professional. You can get a tripod with a fluid head to get much smooth looking photographs. 

3. Camera Light:

With the help of an appropriate light, clicking photos can fill out any ugly shadows quickly. Having a camera light is necessary when you do not have access to a 3 point lighting set up during your shoot. 

4. Light Reflector:

With the help of a good light reflector, you can now convert an ugly looking shot to a golden and well-lit photo without any hassle. 

We have included some of the best light reflectors for the photoshoot product checklist for you to consider. This would surely bring out the proper professional in your photography skills once you start using a light reflector. 

5. Lens: Wide Angle, Macro, Polarizer, Zoom Lens, etc.:

Carry various lenses for bringing out the best photographs with the help of your camera. If there is sunny weather, then using a polarizer can help you click appropriate photos. If you require a cool fish eye scene, it can be done with a  wide-angle lens. A macro lens is used for super close up shots. 

6. Batteries:

You would never want to run out of batteries during a photoshoot production. The situation can be embarrassing, so make sure that you always carry 3 to 4 extra batteries, which would be more than enough for carrying out a shoot throughout the day. 

7. Memory Cards:

You also wouldn’t want to run out of storage space. Make sure that you carry extra memory cars since a photoshoot production usually takes up 50-60 GB of space. 

8. Camera Bag:

Now that all of your photography equipment is in place, you would want to pack them up in a sturdy and weatherproof bag. There are various camera bags for the photoshoot production checklist, which you can consider that fits your requirement and can also be carried around throughout the day without any discomfort.

Some parting thoughts

And there you have it! These are all the tips and equipment which you need to include in your photoshoot production checklist. These are simple steps that you need to follow since you want to provide your clients with the best service ever! Your client would wish to be guided, encouraged and walked through the whole process where they would be solely dependent on a professional photographer to carry out their requirements. 

Keep in mind that the more mentally prepared you are, the more EXCELLENT photos you are likely to click! 

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Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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