Complete Wedding Photographer Checklists 2021

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It is evident that no two couples will ever have the same wedding. After your marriage is over, you would only have the photos to cherish for a lifetime. The real question lies is that how is it possible? 

Complete Wedding Photographer Checklists 2021

With the help of a professional wedding photographer, you can achieve the same without any hassle. These photographers have a wealth of experience when it comes to clicking exotic wedding day snaps. 

It is mandatory to keep your necessities in check and create a wedding photographer checklists, ensuring that you and your photographer are doing everything as per the plan. 

If you are already feeling confused about what you should do, we have jotted some of the essentials of a photographer checklist for you to consider to have the BEST wedding ceremony ever! 

Any morning of a wedding is packed with exciting and tension, which ensures that scope for taking the perfect candid photographs of you and your partner. Make sure that the following things are kept in check before your pre-wedding shoot.

  • Bride and bridal party hair and makeup
  • Wedding dress and accessories for the bride (perfume, jewellery, shoes, wedding rings, etc.)
  • Bouquets (for both Bride and bridesmaid)
  • First reaction of the father of the bride
  • Groom suit and accessories (shoes, tie, cufflinks, etc.)
  • Groomsmen together
  • First look of the Groom’s parents

Wedding Photographer Checklists: During the Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is one of the most cherished moment that anyone remembers and share the emotions for a lifetime. To make sure that you have the perfect wedding ceremony, ensure that the following things are ready.

  • Venue of the ceremony (exterior and interior decorations, flower arrangement, etc.)
  • Groom and groomsmen arriving. 
  • Parents arriving
  • Guests arriving
  • Bridal and bridal party arriving.
  • Groom reaction
  • Wide shots and closeups of the couple
  • First kiss
  • Registry signing
  • Guests reaction

Wedding Photographer Checklists: After the Ceremony

After the ceremony is over, it is perfect for clicking photos with family members and friends for the PERFECT wedding portrait. Your photographer’s need is mandatory here since he/she would be the one to customize the whole process accordingly to capture the best family photos required. Some of the key shots for the photographer are as follows:

  • Candid photos of the couple with guests
  • Family photo (couple, bride and groom with their parents, couple’s both set of parents, etc.)
  • Photos with groups of family and friends
  • Group photo of all the guests together

After pictures with the family have been clicked, you can choose to have a portrait session in a different location other than that of the wedding venue. The photos would include the following.

  • Portraits of the groom and bride (individually and together)
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Groom with groomsmen
Wedding Photographer Checklists

Wedding Photographer Checklists: Reception

Since the whole wedding day is quite hectic, you might not have the chance to set up the reception before your guests’ arrival. Suppose you did your best to ensure that you have the most AWESOME wedding day. In that case, you must try to look into the reception photography session. The following are the activities included in the wedding reception photographer checklist. 

  • Venue styling (exterior and interior, flower arrangement, wedding cake, etc.)
  • Bridal party entrance
  • Newlywed entrance
  • Signature drinks and cocktails
  • First dance
  • Father-daughter and mother-son dance
  • Guests dancing
  • Cake cutting ceremony
  • Newlyweds leaving the reception 

Various equipment needs to be included in the wedding photographer checklists that would ensure the perfect photography session. 

Some of the essential photography equipment are as follows:

1.Camera and backup camera

The need to carry three cameras should be mandatory since the photographer can click with two cameras and keep one backup. However, bringing two would also do the job. It is necessary to carry a backup camera at a wedding if something goes wrong with the primary camera. No one knows what problems might occur out of nowhere during a wedding ceremony. So it is best to stay safe than being sorry.

We will be including the list of top 10 cameras for wedding photography from where you can make your selection and purchase the right product which would suit your need for any wedding session without any hassle. 

2. Medium zoom lens

The need for a medium zoom lens and the default lens on a camera is mandatory. This would ensure that the correct focal length is maintained during the perfect portraits offering both wide and tight perspectives. The wide aperture provides that there is flexibility even in dimly lit areas. 

Some of the best medium zoom lens for wedding photography has been made on our website. You can check out and make sure that you do not stay left behind during any professional wedding photography requirement. These lenses come within a budget so it wouldn’t be tight on your expense in anyways. 

3. Wide-angle lens and prime lens

These lenses are not mandatory for a wedding, but it is always nice to carry one. The wide-angle lens would allow you to get shots of architectural details or for large groups without any need for significant adjustments. 

The prime lens would help you shooting in the dark and would eventually provide you with a dreamy depth of field during the whole event! 

You can check out our top 10 wide-angle lens for wedding photography and the best prime lenses for wedding photographer checklists to get an idea of which lenses are trending in the market. 

4. Speedlights

With the help of an external flash, you can now have the upper hand to get a shot even when it is dark. The use of Speedlight photography is a lifesaver when it comes to clicking nighttime weddings and dark churches. Without the implementation of Speedlight, you would get dark and gloomy images. 

Some of the best speedlights for wedding photography is available on our website. If you feel like going through them, then do check out the post! 

5. Memory cards and batteries

Always carry multiple memory cards and batteries. The prominent storage required for wedding photography is around 50-60 GB of photos. Two sets of batteries would often do the job for the day. However, make sure that the batteries are fully charged up. 

6. Tripod and light stands

If you want more light and need a bit more stability, then a good tripod would do the job. It is also great for low light photography or if you are looking forward to composting pictures. 

The light stands would help you keep your speedlight in one place and allow you to make the necessary adjustments. You can also choose to use shoot-through umbrellas if you have both light stands and speedlights for your portrait work. 

7. Flash diffuser

This equipment is quite handy to be placed on top of the flash. This helps diffuse the light to allow much better portraits instantly when you have enough time to set up the lights. 

Some of the best flash diffusers for wedding photography have been discussed by us to make your purchase accordingly. 

8. Camera Bag

With all of these gears, you surely would want to put in one place. Thus a camera bag comes in handy. Make sure that the bag is large and comfortable to be carried around throughout the day. 

We have also jotted down the list of top 10 camera bags for you to consider, which comes within a reasonable budget. You can easily purchase one of them to help you with your wedding photography session. 

9. Studio strobes and umbrellas

If you are thinking about clicking formal portraits, then powerful strobe is a great choice. Sometimes due to unsuitable weather, photographers need to take photos in dark churches and venue. This is the place where the need for powerful strobe lights is required to light up a large group of people evenly. 

10. Lens cleaning kit and lens hood

Throughout the day, your camera and lens are likely to get dirty, and you need to make sure that you are taking care of the same. It is mandatory to keep a cleaning kit, or lens wipes to keep the smudges off your camera lens. You can keep a lens hood which is the best way to keep your camera lens from getting dirty in the first place. Having a lens hood would also keep the sun flare down. 

11. Grey Card

If you click the photos in various lighting scenarios during a wedding, be it indoors, outdoors, LED, etc., it would not be efficient to use a grey light. The most useful thing you can do here is shoot the photos in Raw to make the necessary adjustments to the images later on. 

However, if you intend on clicking slow-paced photos with timely measurements, then using Grey Card is the best option you have at your disposal. 

12. Reflector

A reflector and a flashgun work in the same way; however, it is always the best option to carry both of them. The need for an efficient reflector is a MUST if you are planning to shoot a big event. 

13. Dido video light

This is a super awesome warm light that you can implement in most of the wedding shootouts that would provide you with a super moody shot. This light is generally used for shooting morning photos at either of the newlyweds’ house. It can also be used at receptions to get a bit of flare during the dance or if the venue is set to any bar or clubs on location. This magic light indeed works like a TREAT! 

14. Additional step ladder

If you are travelling to the venue with your car, then putting in a mini step ladder would surely come in handy for clicking some of the best group photos after the wedding ceremony. It might be a bit troublesome to carry it. Still, if you want highly effective results with your photography checklist, this equipment should be added. Without a step ladder, you might be stuck on finding a chair or something similar to the step ladder or looking to climb a tree for obtaining the perfect shot! 

Bonus tips on getting the perfect wedding photos

With all the points mentioned above, your wedding photographer checklists is sorted. We are also adding some bonus tips that will help you to get the most out of your service and eventually keep your clientele satisfied with your efforts. 

  1. Book an engagement shoot: You can consider this step as a practice run before the major event! Not only you will get to have some beautiful shots, but you would also get to know the groom and bride’s requirement for their photoshoot during the wedding. This will provide you with a strong portfolio for your wedding website, and you are likely to get more clients in the upcoming days. 
  2. Scout the venue before the main event: As you know, there is minimal time between the ceremony and the reception for any marriage ceremony. This would require you to scout the location beforehand since you wouldn’t want to be late for your session! 
  3. Make adjustments to your timeline: Try to click the perfect portraits during the day, before sunset, for the best natural light.
  4. Request an unplugged photo session: While you are clicking the photos for your client’s honoured guests, request them to keep their phones switched off. This will not cause any distraction for anyone, and you can do your job effortlessly. You can also put up a custom sign at the ceremony entrance, which will notify your guests about the “rules and regulation” before attending the marriage. 
  5. Choose a friendly photographer: Make sure that the photographer is comfortable working around with and they are serious with their work. If you feel like asking any questions related to the wedding photographer, you can do so without any hassle. 


Do keep in mind that it is impossible to redo your wedding photos, so don’t be afraid to have effective communication with your photographer and guests before the day. 

If you have any requirements for your wedding, mention the same to the photographer and yes, TRUST him! The photographers are seasoned professionals and will guide you correctly throughout the process with their esteemed knowledge and expertise. 

Hope our complete photographer checklists was helpful and for more information, feel free to Contact Us anytime!

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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