DIY Newborn Photography – Here’s What you can Accomplish

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Are you a mom or a new photographer who wants some props, tips, and ideas for newborn photography at home? If yes, then you are at the perfect place. In the first few days, the baby attracts heart with wrinkly skin, round cheeks, and tiny fingers.

Do you want to capture the looks, but professional photographers cost hundreds of dollars? Well, we will share some homemade props and tips to make your DIY photography successful.

Diy Newborn Photography Ideas Tips and Tricks
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Can Moms do DIY Newborn Photography at Home?

Yes, moms can do photography with a little bit of preparation and creativity. Any mom can capture moments of their newborn without a professional photographer. However, moms cannot beat professional photographers, but I will share some terrific tips to make this shoot look professional.

New to Newborn Photography?

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DIY Newborn Baby Props:

Having additional photography props can turn simple images into dreamy ones that every mom craves. However, all the support must be comfortable and should not contain harmful chemicals as babies’ skin is delicate and unprotected against chemicals. Thereby, you must be careful about props. Wood, Bamboo, and cotton props are best for a newborn. To solve your problem easily, we will share eight cool and inexpensive pros for baby photography.

  • Rustic Baskets:

Rustic baskets like some cute bowls are gorgeous and inexpensive in-home DIY newborn baby props photography. These baskets come in different shapes and sizes and readily available in the market. A straw or wicker basket is perfect for the first newborn portrait.

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Source: Unsplash

  • Jolly Furniture: 

Buying colorful and jolly furniture can change the entire feel of a baby photoshoot at home. You can craft such DIY baby furniture at home and spray it with fun colors to give an antique or timeless feel in DIY newborn baby props photography.

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Source: Unsplash

  • Newspaper Hat:

You can make an adorable newspaper hat at home to give a fabulous vintage look with black and white paper. These newspaper hats are lovely props for a DIY baby pictures photo shoot with zero expense. Many useful videos are available on YouTube to teach you to create the Newspaper hat

  • Bunting Flags:

Bunting Flags are very charming DIY newborn photo props that you can easily make at home. These bunting props can provide a stunning background to make the photoshoot look more professional and impressive.

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Source: Unsplash

Hanging Stork sacks can helpful in excellent newborn portrait photography. Always take care of protection measures while making stork sacks and use the easy and comfortable material for the baby. So, using hanging stork sacks you can capture is one of the cool DIY baby pictures.

  • Hammock Swing:

Hammock, another very simple and one of the best DIY newborn photo props for photography, can be prepared by swinging a rope or fabric netting on two ends of Bamboo or any other beautiful but healthy wood. It usually uses to portray summer, leisure, and simplicity.

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Source: Wikimedia

  • DIY Yarn Snowball Pom Garland:

Snowball Garland is an adorable background DIY that you can prepare at home from some pure white yarn at which you insert snowballs of different colors and hang that on the wall at the back to provide unusual background in portrait.

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Source : Pexels

  • Wood Branch Nests:

Wood branch nests is another fantastic prop that can be handcrafted at home using tree branches and filling it with some flokati or faux furs to protect baby skin and comfort the baby from wood stiffness. So, you can also try wood branch nests DIY newborn photo props.

  • Fluff Tray:

Fluff tray can further add to the beauty of DIY baby pictures that anyone can make quickly using a tray fill with soft fluffy fabrics. Laying the newborn on the fluff tray will provide new scenery to the photoshoot at a significantly lower price and effort.

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Source: Unsplash

  • Fabric Backdrop:

Fabric Backdrop provides a very granger and cute background that you can create easily using a lining fiber or some Turkish curtain-like fabric on pillow approximately two yards in length, which is more than enough to cover a pillow.

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Source: Unsplash

DIY Newborn Photography – Best Photoshoot Tips:

Are you an expert in a newborn photoshoot and experienced it earlier? If not, you need some tips and tricks to make the shoot very beautiful and worth memorable. We will provide you some fantastic guidelines and recommendations for a successful DIY newborn photoshoot that will help moms and new photographers.

  • Shoot in The First Ten Days:

Always try to do a photoshoot in the first ten days of birth as baby skins lose class wrinkly after these days. Furthermore, the early ten days are also crucial if you want to capture the sleeping pics because, after this period, the baby becomes more restless and causes problems.

  • Shoot in Sleeping Time:

Wait for the shoot until the baby is sleeping. It is the easiest way to get a photoshoot done while sleeping. However, smiling babies make photoshoot much more enjoyable. But, the baby will annoy you with setup problems and increase difficulties.

  • Keep Room Warm:

The room should be warm and cozy to keep the baby sleep comfortably. Baby can sleep well in warm rooms and will sleep in one position for very long. So, regardless of the outer temperature, keep the indoor temperature suitable for baby sleep.

  • Keep Focus on Baby:

Always want to make photoshoot simple and do not impose different poses on baby as it will create disturbance to baby. The natural posture keeps the baby comfortable. Furthermore, always focus on the baby instead of props and background.

  • Take Your Time:

As newborn photography is a one-time event, try to take your time to shoot for satisfactory results. Try to shoot with different backgrounds and props and see which suits you better. Furthermore, take photos in other sleep positions.

  • Lighting Setup:

Natural light gives nature touch and adds to the beauty of the photoshoot. Sun rays coming from the bright window falling at half the face is very charming. However, you can also provide a studio environment with proper lighting.

  • Protect the Baby:

Baby protection is always the priority, and you should not compromise it. If you want some difficult pose, always take help from someone to support the baby. Otherwise, severe damages can occur in case of negligence. 

  • Shoot at Different Angles:

Changing the position can disturb his sleep. Thereby, instead of evolving baby pose, try to take photos from different angles. It is probably the easy way to get a variety of pictures out of a single pose.

Try These Different Newborn Photography Poses

DIY Newborn Photoshoot Trending Ideas:

However, we have already shared different props and tips for a better photoshoot. Still, some parents or new photographers find it difficult to create the best pose. We will help you with this problem and provide you the trending photoshoot ideas for your ease.

  • Cradle Hold:

Cradle Hold is the most trending newborn shootout idea having newborn sleeping in mom’s cradle and all the siblings from side smiling on the baby. Overflow bookshelves or messy tables at the back further add to its beauty. You can also use some background props given above.

C:\Users\Hassan Sheikh\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\kelly-sikkema-WvVyudMd1Es-unsplash.jpg

Source: Unsplash

  • Try Props:

You can make different poses using the above props for photography. All the above props are homemade. But you can still buy other support from the market if you afford to make the photoshoot more beautiful.

  • Snuggly Poses:

These poses are very suitable for a calmly sleeping baby. These poses are also called “womb poses,” The baby is folded half in some soft fabric like a half Taco. Take care if this pose disturbs baby to sleep; avoid it as soon as possible.

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Source: Unsplash

  • Cuddly Toys:

Cuddly toys at the side of a newborn can also make a great prop. So, showering cuddling toys at the baby bed can beautify newborn photoshoots to the next level—toys around the baby showers a feeling of extreme love and care.

C:\Users\Hassan Sheikh\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\emmalee-couturier-m2zdbydZ4dg-unsplash.jpg

Source: Unsplash

  • Props from Favorite Movie:

Some parents use props from their favorite movie for a photoshoot. These props are very trendy from the very beginning of photography history. Mounts of different types like printed cap/shirt of harry potter, the crown-like game of thrones are beautiful.

Source: Pixabay

  • Tushy Up Pose:

Tushy up pose, also known as “bum up,” is a very traditional yet unique pose for newborn photography. This pose needs proper support and always make sure that baby hands are placed such that their heads are turned towards the camera.

Source: Unsplash

FAQS- Frequent Asked Questions:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by parents and new photographers about DIY newborn photography, and I will answer this question with my five years’ experience.

How do you do a newborn photo shoot at home?

A newborn photo shoot at home is easy. I, as an expert, wait for natural light sometimes, or I make a studio at home using different props and backgrounds. I set up all the studio lights in that room. You can also learn to set studio lights from here easily.

How do you wrap a baby for a photo shoot?

Sitting on a bed with legs straight, I spread a complete wrap on legs with different lengths on each side of the leg. Place the baby head on knees and roll hands and feet of the baby to combine. Then, I wrap the shorter side of the cloth, then the bottom, and then cover the longer side along with the baby.

What do I need for a newborn photo shoot?

 Here is the list of materials that you need to do a newborn photo shoot at home.

  • A Camera or iPhone
  • Beautiful photography Props
  • Boppy pillow to place the baby
  • Fabric Backdrop


Indeed, everyone wants to capture moments of newborns and also save the cost of a professional photographer. You cannot beat professionals but follow some tips and tricks to make the shoot attractive. We have thoroughly discussed all the props, studio setup, lightning setup, and latest photoshoot style to make newborn photoshoot easier and beautiful for you.

That’s all from today’s article. If you are still getting any difficulty in DIY newborn photography, please contact us for any help!

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