How to take the perfect family photos

How to Take Great Family Photos – The DO’s & Dont’s of Family Portraits.

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Since Ages Old, people have paid artists to make portraits of their family members. Family portraits are still the best way to preserve a family’s legacy. 

This practice of taking family photos has evolved, and today this time of DSLRs and Smartphones gave birth to new and modern family portrait photography techniques.

Which made it easier even for ordinary people to take a great family photo.

Here are some easy to follow do’s and don’ts that could help you turn awkward family photos into great family portraits.

old family portrait How to take perfect family photos

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If your family has the luxury of time, you can always schedule an appointment with a professional for a family photo shoot. 

The only thing you need to bother about is how to dress up your family for the photo session, and the professional photographer will handle the rest. 

If you plan on taking photos yourself, ask a friend to hold the camera and follow the instructions. If you don’t have anyone else, try using a good sturdy tripod. 

Most of the DSLRs and Smartphones have a timer built-in for 10-20 seconds, giving you enough time to prepare, pose your family, and hold the smile. 

How to take perfect family photos
Hire a Pro
How to take perfect family portraits
professional Photographer How to take perfect family photos
Professional Photographer

Don't: Take Picture without Getting Ready for the Occassion.

Ask your family members to wash their faces neatly and touch up a little to avoid oily and sweaty faces in the photo.

Always try to get the natural look unless it’s a formal photoshoot where you need formal dresses and makeup.

You may also go to a professional portrait photography stylist to do these for you. Still, the easiest way is to ask your makeup expert friend to do it.

Do: Always Plan On What To Wear For A Family Portrait Session. 

There is nothing more awkward in a family portrait that has one person looking like a homeless man next to the well-dressed people making it a bad family portrait.

You don’t want anyone to stand out in a group photo, especially in family portraits. If you plan on using formal attire, make sure that everybody is in formal outfits. 

The Dress colors should be planned as well. You can either go for an identical color or contrast color clothes, but have a Unique Theme in place. This will definitely get reflected in the outcome.

If you plan for more of a casual portrait, then go crazy on colors. For example, if you intend to take a photo on the beach, make sure you dress everybody in beachwear.

How to take perfect family photos
Wear Same Colors
Apply unique Themes

DON'T: Shoot When Someone Is In A Bad Or Serious Mood

Professional family photoshoots are usually scheduled, so make your family happy before the photo session one way or the other.

If you are planning to take photos of your family all by yourself, get everyone in the mood first. Crack a joke make them laugh so that the natural glow in their faces will surely show in the pics.

You don’t want the faces on your perfect family picture to look moody or uninviting. Even if you were instructed not to smile on a particular photo, especially in formal ones, it doesn’t mean that you look miserable.

Any negative vibe could be reflected, so unless you want your big family photo to look like a photo of a wrestling match – make each other happy! 


Do: Switch The View 

Be different. We are no longer in the old times where people in the picture of a family are very stiff and formal unless you want it that way. (which is not recommended). 

Experiment with the family photo poses, make them kneel, lie down, scream, go high or go low, and get crazy! Take photos on a beach, while driving, laughing, bungee jumping, or anything that is out of the box, and you’ll be surprised at how unique your pictures will turn out! 

cute japanese family photo
a happy japanese family picture
family photo
A different kind of family photo


The Process of Family Portrait Photography is truly easy and fun. 

It is not only a tradition to shoot family photos but also a crucial bonding moment for the family as a whole.

1.Hire A Photographer For Good Family Portraits
2.Dress up or get ready for the Occasion.
3.Always plan before hand about what to wear for family portraits.
4.Keep Your Family Happy Before the Family Photo shoots.
5.Try New Things, Don’t Always stick to the Routine.

When you Look at Your Family Photo displayed on the walls as a Frame, or when you open your Family Photo Album, You won’t remember what DSLR the photographer has used or what equipment he brought, All You will remember is the faces, laughter, and fun you had together as a family while having the Family Photos Taken.

Family Photos is all about the fun and memories you had together as a family.

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "

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