How to take the perfect selfie – 6 beginner selfie tips

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "

Window is a good natural source of light use it

Selfie also called Self Portrait. People take as much as 450 selfies per year and that’s a big number.

Instead of Clicking random pictures learn how to Take the Perfect Selfie and be a selfie expert.

Tip #1: Light is Everything

Lighting can make or break a selfie or any image for that matter. The right light can make your skin glow and your hair an incredible shine.

Go outside or stand by a window and take a selfie to take advantage of the best natural light. When under direct sunlight in a mid-day, look for shade or stand under a tree. or use golden light to your advantage

Make a Tilt

Tip #2: Make a Tilt

Simply tilt your head at an angle; this simple trick highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look larger.

You’ll be strengthening your features while looking cute. 

If the tilt is not your thing, find your thing!

When you feel great, you look great. Find Your signature pose that makes you feel awesome every time you strike it, no matter what you’re wearing.

Apply The Rule of thirds

Tip #3: Apply The Rule of Thirds in Selfie

Selfies don’t exempt you from the rule of thirds. 

Placing your face in the top right corner or top left corner of the frame can be far compelling than if you put your face right in the center.Also, make sure you crop your selfie tight

Tip:When You take a full body selfie remember to use the soft natural light, avoid direct sun in a mid day.

observe the soft natural light

Tip #4: Break the rules

Float on your back in a pool and shoot down to your face. Or lie down in the water of a bubble bath and take a shot of your face framed by bubbles. Or steal the fanning trick from magazine worthy photographers.

How to take better selfies? just break the rules

Use a fan to create glamorous movement in your hair, use a light breeze, not a tornado 🙂 

Tip #5: Use an App

Countless awesome apps are out there, make your selfies look even better using them. 

Photo Wonder is a great choice for making your selfies better.
You can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, add stickers—-it’s an ultimate all-in-one photo editing app. Even better, it’s free!

Two handed Selfie

Tip #6: Try the new Two-handed Selfie

Use two hands to hold the phone and take a selfie. You will Surely look adorable.

They also provide excellent stability to your phone.
Be careful not to cover up the phone lens.

Lighting is the Key to a great selfie
use Composition techniques like rule of thirds to enhance
Try Editing your pics using Different Apps.

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Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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