Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot Ideas

50 Newborn Baby Boy Photoshoot ideas – Find your best one

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Who doesn’t like to see photographs of adorable babies, especially newborns in cute dresses? Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook today are filled with girl or newborn baby boy photos

Newborn photography has seen a rising curve in recent years. Though it has been there for quite some time now, starting in the 90s by Anne Geddes, it has become a trend recently. While baby girls or baby boy photoshoot mainly stuck to the calendar in their initial days, today it has become a tradition for millennial parents.

so we have come up with most liked and trending newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas you can try in your next photoshoot.

Parenthood is a very important part of every couple’s lives and they surely would want to cherish it forever. Thanks to social media, parents nowadays want not just their close ones to be a part of this special chapter of their lives but also their social circle. And thus, they would have a maternity shoot to announce the baby’s birth.

In fact, photographers today offer special photo shoots for the new parents to deck their newborns posing in cute costumes. After all, what can be a more adorable way to capture the memories of this significant life event.

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And if you’re someone who has recently become a parent of a baby boy and looking to capture some lovely photos of your kid, this article is for you. In today’s article, we’ll share some toddler boy photoshoot ideas and 1 year old baby boy pictures ideas for you to replicate. So without further delay, let us jump on the bandwagon of this trend.

1. The cocoon newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas

One of the most popular newborn baby boy pic ideas is the baby cocoon. For this theme the baby is wrapped in a piece of clothing that makes it look like the baby is resting inside a cocoon.

newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas

2. Comic characters newborn baby boy photography ideas

Who doesn’t love comics. Especially if you’re a millennial parent, surely you have spent a major portion of your childhood reading comics and obsessing over batman, superman, iron man or someone else. So, why not recreate the same with your baby boy. All you need is to get hold of a superhero costume. Here’s a cool idea, if you’re a dad obsessed with batman, why not pose as batman and robin with your baby boy. It doesn’t need to be a newborn only, it is also a very good 1 year old baby boy pictures ideas.

newborn baby boy photography ideas

3. The Fairy Tale newborn boy photography ideas

All you need is to get hold of a blanket, pillows and some cute baby clothes for this idea. You can also add props like animals, trees, sun, moon or even clouds in the background to give it a more dreamy look. And for toddler baby boy pic ideas, you can go for several costumes.

baby boy pic ideas

4. The One with the ‘Furry’ best friend

Babies and pets always share a special bond. They are the first best friend of your newborn baby. So why not capture this wonderful friendship by posing them together in a frame for the newborn boy photoshoot?

newborn boy photography

5. The Junior Masterchef

One very popular newborn boy photoshoot idea among parents is to dress up the baby as a chef. All you need to do is find a chef hat and apron for your baby boy and pose him with several cooking items.

6. The ‘cute costumes’ baby boy picture ideas

One of the popular baby boy picture ideas is to dress up the baby boy in cute costumes like santa claus, teddy bear, rockstar, etc.

7. The newborn boy photography with siblings

If your newborn has an elder sister or a brother, wouldn’t it be nice to pose them together in front of the camera? So that when they grow up, they can always cherish this moment by looking at the photographs.

8. It’s time to party.

Who says that only adults can enjoy parties? Why not create the perfect party decor at your home for your newborn boy? Gather some decorative items and make him sit in the diddle. We are sure you’d get some lovely photographs of him being all surprised at the items around him.

9. Who’s up for a picnic?

We all like going out for picnics. So why not turn it into a photoshoot for your baby boy. And the best part of this baby boy photoshoot ideas is that after the shoot, you can still enjoy a real picnic together.


10. Go hulk smash on the cake.

What happens when you give a birthday cake to a baby boy? The answer is lots of mess and goofiness. But if you’re okay with your baby boy getting all smeared in cake-cream, you have to try out this toddler boy photoshoot idea.

11. It’s crib time.

If your newborn is supposed to spend the majority of their time in the crib, why not just turn it into a prop and click some lovely photos of your baby boy.

12. The good old family photo.

No matter how many trends come and go, nothing can beat the timeless charm of a family photo. So, get all decked up and join your baby boy in front of the camera.


13. Time to let loose the soft toys.

For this baby boy photo shoots, all you need to do is round up all the soft toys your baby boys can’t stop playing with. Be it a baby giraffe, a dog or even a teddy, just place them all together and make your baby boy sit with them.

14. Add surprise to it with soap bubbles.

Soap bubbles not only add a touch of innocence to the photos but also is a perfect chance to capture some candid reactions of your baby boy. After all, not all photos need to have extravagant backdrops and stylised poses. Sometimes, it’s the candid photos that bring out the best emotions.

15. It’s all in the details

This newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas is all about focusing on the little details. Ask your photographer to capture the tiny feet and hands of your newborn. These photos have a certain kind of dreaminess to them and always bring out the “Aww”.


We hope you loved the above-mentioned newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas and found something interesting to recreate with your baby boy. Just remember to enjoy the moments and not overstress on the minute details of the shoot. That way, you’re sure to have not only some good photos but also wonderful memories of the photographs. It would make them more special when you look at them in future.

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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