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Top newborn Photography Classes, Courses, Workshops, and Tutorials

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "

Before we talk about some newborn photography classes, workshops, and courses, let us see why we have been collected here.

Newborn photography has come a long way since its inception and today it has carved a name for itself like almost any other genre of portrait photography. More and more parents today are ready to have photo sessions of their newborn baby based on a wide variety of themes and ideas. And thus, a large number of photographers are also trying to join this field and make some easy profit. 

But newborn photography is more difficult than almost any other type of portrait shoots. This is because, unlike the adults, the babies do not possess any sense of their own. So it is impossible to guide them according to the will or vision of the photographer. Whatever has to be done during the session has to be managed by the photographer himself and the parents of the baby. So having a proper idea of this field is a must, starting from what lens to use to how to pose the baby without risking any injury, etc. 

In today’s article, we’ll discuss newborn photography courses and classes; their benefits, and other aspects.

So without further delay, let us jump into the main part of the article.

Why do You need to take the Newborn Photography Classes?

Whether you’re someone looking to make a name for yourself as a newborn photography specialist or a parent who wants to capture the fleeting moments of your baby growing up, there are certain fundamentals of newborn photography. Simply investing in an expensive camera and some lenses won’t break the ice.

Honestly, parents still have it easy as they don’t need to make the frame perfect every time they press the shutter with their baby as the subject. But as a professional photographer, you need to meet certain standards every time you’re shooting newborns. And thus, knowing the why’s and how’s of this genre becomes very crucial. 

But gaining the desired knowledge is not easy as it sounds. In fact, there are only two ways:
a) learning through mistakes on the field or
b) taking some form of newborn photography course or classes.

Now, the first option doesn’t look that trustworthy because it is really difficult to assist someone who knows this genre like the back of his hand with almost zero knowledge and experience. Also if you plan to self-learn, clients won’t be choosing your services due to lack of an attractive portfolio. And because of these reasons, it is a good decision to enroll in some newborn photography courses and classes.

In fact, not just photographers, even the photography enthusiast parents can also learn many new things from these classes and implement them while shooting their kids.

What are the top Newborn Photography Classes or Courses?

By now, you must have gotten a clear idea of the importance of newborn photography classes. So let us look at some of the available classes and courses on newborn photography.

Creative live pregnancy and newborn photography [Coupon Style]

This course by Creative Live not only teaches you the why’s and how’s of newborn photography but also pregnancy or maternity shoots. It is a self-paced course meaning you’re not on a clock to finish it but rather can learn at your own pace. This course has more than 40 pre-recorded classes or lectures from professional photographers. Currently, you can pay for it monthly where you’ll be charged $13 every month, or unlock the whole course for $74.
Now $13/m

Newborn Photography Master Class

Taught by the Award-Winning Child, Family & Commercial Photographer, Tracy Sweeney this newborn photography class is a series of pre-recorded lectures you can buy for $29 and learn at your own pace. It covers topics ranging from soothing techniques to using props, basic editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to creating a composite.
now $29/m
Newborn Photography Secrets By Udemy

Newborn Photography Secrets by Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading and most popular open online course providers worldwide. They have also launched a series of video classes by AFP-recognized Master Photographer and coach José Cruz. In this series, he teaches everything from how to contact a client to deliver the photos in print format. You can get this course for ₹3840 or $52.46.
now $52.46

Newborn Photography Courses by Academy of Newborn Photography: The Academy of Newborn Photography currently offers two courses:

Advanced Certificate In Newborn Photography

Certificate in Newborn Photography

This course teaches you the various aspects of Newborn Photography starting from the neonatal period to having an understanding of the psychology of newborns. This course is available for $430 and has 21 study modules with the additional option of face-to-face first aid and CPR training (additional charges).
now $430
Advanced Certificate In Newborn Photography

Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography

This is an advanced version of the above-mentioned course and includes additional topics like legal requirements, handling client relations, marketing and selling your work, planning a studio shoot, etc. This course will cost you $665. One needs to complete the beginner course first to be eligible for this course.
now $665
Introduction to Newborn Photography

Introduction to Newborn Photography by Domestika

Like Udemy, Domestika is also a renowned open online course provider. In this course, Photographers Guille and Marina of Le Photograph, a popular photographic studio In Bilbao, Spain teach you things like how to brainstorm a session with the clients to how to edit the final photographs in Photoshop and deliver them. You also need to submit a project at the end of this course.
now $29.60
Save $75/year

Newborn Photography Bootcamp by Kelly Brown

In this series of newborn photography classes, photographer Kelly Brown teaches you the secrets of flow posing, how to set up a home studio for newborn photography, building a solid portfolio, making your props, using several props to add dimension to the photos, composite photography, Outdoor sessions, branding your products and many more. You also get a bonus content of Kelly conceptualizing and creating a flower prop for the class along with the classes. This course also supports the bundle option, meaning you can buy it together with another course by Kelly on newborn photography for $149 instead of $546. Read more about the course and offers here.
now $149
Save $397

Are there any Online or Offline Workshops available?

Due to the pandemic, there aren’t many workshops happening anytime soon in the U.S. However, here are links to some Newborn Photography workshops that are scheduled to happen in the upcoming months.

Training For Beginners In Newborn Photograph

Training for Beginners in Newborn Photograph

Training for Beginners in Newborn Photography WORKSHOP with POSING Doll APRIL 27th 2021. It will be an offline workshop.
1 1 Mentoring for Beginners

1:1 Mentoring for Beginners in Newborn Photography

With baby model and training doll. It is an offline newborn photography workshop. You can find the details here.


Accredited photographer Kylie South. It will be an offline workshop.
Dewdrops Newborn

Dewdrops Newborn Workshop Georgetown

Dewdrops Newborn Workshop Georgetown KY April 10, 2021. It will be an offline workshop.
DDP And KSP Newborn And Family Workshop

DDP and KSP Newborn and Family Workshop

DDP and KSP Newborn and Family Workshop Indianapolis area May 7-8 2021. It will be an offline workshop.

What are some of the best Free Resources for Newborn Photography?

Finding free resources for any topic on the internet is almost like trying to find a pin in the haystack. However, some brands, companies, or individuals Like The Pixel Maniacs, etc are trying to put out free resources on the internet to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Here are some of the best free resources on Newborn photography.


We hope you liked the article and found it to be helpful. Though it might seem to be confusing at first to choose a single one from the above-mentioned classes, you can always start with the one that you find the most interesting.

No matter which one you end up choosing, you’re sure to learn something new from it and get a better understanding of newborn photography. And even after completing the course, you feel you’re lacking somewhere, there are several other options on the list to try out. Just make sure that you’re practicing what is taught to you otherwise it won’t be of any help.

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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