Photography Classes for Kids

Photography Classes For Kids – Best in-depth Guide for Parents

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At one point in time, you might have seen your child picking up a toy camera or a digital camera. You found a fantastic delight in seeing him or her posing as a photographer.

Has any other gesture of your child prompted you to understand that he or she has a knack for photography? If the answer is yes, you will have to enroll them in photography classes for kids. 

This small step from your side may encourage them to choose photography as a profession, one day.

Photography for kids Photography as a hobby for kids

Photography as a hobby

Photography is a great hobby to pursue. We all know the importance of a hobby in our lives. Photography as a hobby hones creativity and allows developing a personal style. A photographer can arrange an exhibition of the photos taken as a hobby, as well.

Did You Know?
Research indicates that Learning fine arts has “overwhelming benefits, especially in the formative years” of children, critically impacting Brain development.

Photography as a profession

With a boom in fashion, media, advertising and glamour industry, photography is a rewarding career already. Some of the best photographers in the world already draw substantial paychecks.

Even if the person is not interested in these industries, he can always choose to be a wildlife photographer, food photographer, wedding photographer or someone specialized in candid shots.

The options are many. A single picture is more verbal than words spoken. So if you think photography is limited to being a hobby, you are mistaken. As a conscious parent, you can always guide your child to become a successful photographer.

Best Digital Camera For Kids
Digital Camera

Digital Cameras-how are they helpful for children?

If you think that cameras are only for adults, you have to re-think. There are many digital cameras for the kids to help you choose one for photography classes for kids. The cameras meant for the kids are not only easy to use but are also very convenient. Let us go through some reasons to invest in a digital camera for kids, in a jiffy:

  • If you plan to buy digital cameras for kids, you will open a whole new world for them.
  • Want to engage your child during vacations? Enrolling them in a photography class is one of the best options.
  • Every child passes through a critical phase to grow up to be a person of integrity. They can use the cameras to capture every significant event of their lives.
  • Every child has to stay indoors now, due to the threats from COVID-19. An online photography class will not only kill time for him or her but will also be a great source of learning.

How to choose the best photography classes for kids?

Smartphones have already brought out photographers from our children. Kids of all age groups enjoy a lot in capturing everything in their surroundings. If you happen to find a special knack for taking photos in your children, you might be witnessing the growing up of a budding photographer in your family.

You have to go through the following points before deciding for your child. Are you looking out for the best photography classes for kids? Go through the following:

You should know where to start from 

As a parent, you should be aware of what your goals or priorities are. If you think your child is old enough to assert his aspirations and hobbies, you should talk to him.

You should also invite him or her to participate in the decision-making process. Which would be the best institute to choose? This should be the first topic of discussion.

Does your child show interest in taking photos with friends only? Is he interested in animals or insects, as subjects? Other inanimate objects may also fascinate him. Do they want to absorb specific skills? Which would be the best courses or institutes? All of these questions need answers.

Kid Using Camera

Search the classes near you

There are hundreds of online and offline classes offering photography as a course. Which would be the best fit? Before taking a final call, you can decide to go for a comparative analysis on the teachers, their profiles and the institutes.

It is always good to match them with the requisites you have. Always have a look at the types of equipment. Starting from the beginner’s level to the advanced classes, you go through all of them to have a better understanding.  

Basics are always necessary

You are looking for the best photography classes for kids. You do not want to compromise with his quality of learning. The features and controls used in the camera may sound too boring to learn, but classes covering these basics are a must.

If your kid is not interested in learning these or the courses are not focusing on them, then there will be no proper unleashing of the photography skills. 

Ask the proper questions

Your kid is beginning to take her photography classes. There should be some essential questions which will help to decide. What should be the ideal age group? Is the class suitable for beginners?

What is the course offered? What are the types of equipment to be carried? Do the classes focus on some photography-related courses as well? These are some relevant questions.

Finalising the choice

After going through every possible question, you have to go a step back and ask your guts. Sometimes confusion creeps in, even after validating every point. The interest of the child is the final thing that matters. Inspiration is the most important thing to start taking photos. If the subject is not eliciting interest or if the child is not retaining the knack after a few days, photography classes for kids are not the right thing to do.

Online Photography Classes

The present-day world is far more challenging for us. With the threats of getting infected, we are not allowing our child to step out. But there is a solution if your child wants to learn photography, still. Enroll for online photography classes. Now, these classes have some advantages:

  • There is no need to step out.
  • The skills can be learnt from the comforts of home.
  • Some of the best instructors from around the world can be taking the classes.
  • The video lessons often create a better impact.

The best online classes for photography focus on process, motivations and ultimate goals for the photography project.

Udemy is one such online photography training class, though you can choose from many others.

Udemy Photography Classes for Kids

Valuable lessons kids should learn

If enrolling in an online photography class, or a physical institute is final, you should teach your child the following essential things:

Caring for the camera

Owning a camera is not enough. When photography is the art the kid wants to learn, he or she has to learn how to care for it. Some tips, like not dropping them, keeping them at a safe pace when not using, cleaning the lens with soft cloth are some essentials. The child should also know how to upload photos to a computer or charge the batteries.


Though this is something which people cannot teach, a different approach can be taken to inculcate it. The child should know that photography is about creativity and changing the world through a visual perspective. That creativity is a great thing to encourage, even if it means going out of the conventional rules.

Camera and Lens For Kids
Camera and Lens For Kids

Have a nice grip

Holding the camera with a proper grip is the most vital thing for clicking a good photo. The grip helps in reducing camera shaking, as well as easy access to the rest of the controls of the camera. There are various kinds of good grip techniques for kids. So, these are the things to be taught.

Choosing the subject

Photography types are many. Instead, we can say that a subject is the most basic and essential thing in photography. A photo should always have a subject, and even the kids understand that. This sense receives a better honing if the guardian or the teacher talks to the child about the importance of the subject. What is the most important thing in it? The word “subject” should have a proper explanation and introduction. This practice helps them to have a better understanding, choose their subject and thinking of various methods of capturing a shot.

Camera Grip and Cover

Some kid-friendly cameras in 2020

Finding a camera for a kid is as tricky as finding it for an adult.

Vtech KidiZoom Duo 5.0 ( Best for Rugged Usage )

This bright-coloured camera, with a big button, is the latest craze amongst children. Not only does it have a commendable build quality but also a huge rubber build.

This is for absorbing the shocks on getting dropped. Are you looking something specifically for the small hands? These cameras are perfect as there are meaty grips on both sides of the recessed lens.

A 5-megapixel sensor and a 4x digital zoom are some other features.

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Kodak Smile Instant Print Camera ( Best for Creativity )

This is a digital instant camera, a right blend of both digital and analogue. The camera is not only cute and colourful but also has a miniature printer, along with a lens.

It uses ZINK or Zero Ink technology to create 2*3-inch sticky-backed prints.

As kids need more paper to print photos, they learn to dial in the correct settings before taking the Picture => This Pushes them to be creative Each time.

Good Quality Images
Instant Photo Excites the Kids
Better for Learning
Looks Cute
Small Form Factor

Printing is Expensive.

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Canon ELPH 180/IXUS 185 ( Best Budget )

The perfect camera for beginners, this is one such camera which does not cost a fortune. The ELPH 180 is the ideal model for the beginners, capable of delivering 20MP with the help of its sensor.

This model is perfect for the teenagers also, who are by nature, exploratory. They can shoot a wide range of subjects with the help of this camera. If you are looking for something for the first snappers, this would be the ideal choice.

Go Pro Hero ( Suitable for Beginner – Advanced Levels )

Go Pro Hero Is the Best and The Smallest Camera That You can carry In Your Hands

Pros Include:
Superior Quality Images and Best Build Quality
Sturdy and Best for Rugged Usage
Small and Compact
Works in Most of the Situations
Good and Smooth Video Capabilities

Cons :
Small Display
Needs Computer to see the Full outcome

How to capture stunning Photos even with a cheap camera

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Whatever be your reason to find out the best photography class for kids, there should be enough research and reasons backing it. Teaching photography to kids is not just about teaching them a skill but also flexing their creative instinct.

It is also about opening them to a world full of new opportunities and lucrative career options. The critical and visual skills, coming free with photography skills, are helpful in the latter days of life, as well. How? They help in opting for other related professions, also.

Only Masterminds know, " Knowledge shared = Knowledge squared "


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